RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY:   Battle River Wilderness Retreat works exclusively with Katmailand, Inc., to offer these tours.  Battle River Wilderness Retreat and Katmailand, Inc., reserve the right to cancel any tour or alter any itinerary, as current conditions require. These companies and tour operators or travel bureaus booking these tours will not be responsible for any expense due to delays or cancellations of transportation facilities employed in these packages or any increase in transportation or lodge rates effective January 1 through October 1, 2016 and are subject to change without notice.

     Originating and connecting carriers are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not aboard their aircraft.  The passenger contract in use by any carrier, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract in use by any carrier and the purchaser of these tours, or passenger.

     PLEASE KEEP IN MIND... that outdoor activities of this kind are not entirely “risk free.” Our insurance carrier may require all guests to sign an Acknowledgment of Risks form.  We cannot assume responsibility for injury to participants or personal belongings or for time or expense incurred.  We recommend that you secure travel insurance. Weather can occasionally affect the scheduled flights. If, due to weather or other uncontrollable reasons, you would have to spend any additional time, you will be responsible for additional lodging and meal costs.  Guests with health or dietary problems are responsible for making Battle River Wilderness retreat aware of their condition in advance of their scheduled trip. Neither the tour operator/travel agent nor these above named companies will assume any additional expense.

RESERVATIONS: You should reserve your space now to secure the trip date most desired.  Reservations can be made by submitting the required deposit and the following information: trip departure date, alternate dates, each person’s name, address and phone numbers (work and home).  Please reserve now by writing or calling:


Tim Conway
2811 Kadema Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95864
Telephone: (916) 996-4532


DEPOSITS: A deposit of 50% of total package is due when reservations are requested.  If you phone for reservations, Battle River Wilderness Retreat will hold them until receipt of deposit, but in no event will they be held for more than 10 days. Balance is due 75 days prior to beginning date of reservation. Reservations made less than 75 days prior to the trip departure must be accompanied by full payment.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations will be refunded only if all available space is sold. Where changes are made in the itinerary at the request of the guest after arrival, no refunds will be made. You may want to consider trip cancellation insurance.

AGREEMENT TO BE BOUND: On advancement of deposit to Battle River Wilderness Retreat, the depositor agrees to be bound by all of these stated terms and conditions.